FRL (Clean Air Unit)
One Touch Fittings
Speed Controllers
Hand Valves
Check Valves
Miniature One Touch Fitting
Air Coupler (Steel Body)
Air Blow Gun
Air Silencers
Tube Cutter
Metal Push In Fittings
Pipe Fittings
Rapid Fittings For Plastic Tube
Pipe Joint Fittings
Water Adapter Fittings
Water Valves
Compression Fittings
Needle Valve
Ball Valve
Hand Slide Valve

Accurate regulation of air flow rate for precise motion control.
Convenient One-Touch fittings provide instant tubing connections.
Elliptical release ring facilitates pneumatic installations in confined spaces.
Light manual pressure on the elliptical release ring is all that is required to instantly disconnect each tube - No special tools required.
Nickel plated brass threaded bodies provides corrosion and contamination resistance.
Rugged polymer (PBT) housing.
All NPT & R (BSPT) threads are pre-coated with Teflon sealant and require no additional sealing.
Fluid Type Air (No other type of gas or liquid)
Working Pressure Range 0~150PSI  0~9.9KgF/cm2 (0~990KPa)
Vacuum -29.5 in Hg  -750mm Hg (10 Torr)
Working Temperature 32-140°F 0-60°C
Recommended tube material Nylon and Polyurethane
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