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Compression fitting able to withstand high temperature and pressure, prefect sealing, easy installation. Applicable to various type of tubes and pipes.
Material Nylon
Vacuum -100kPa
Maximum Working Pressure 5.0 MPa
Working Temperature Range -40° C ~ +80° C (Nylon Sleeve)
Applicable Tube Polyurethane tube, Nylon tube, Flexible fluorocarbon resin bilayer tube, Polybute tube, Flame-resistant tube Antistatic tube, Polyolefine resin tube, Fluorocarbonresin tube, Polyurethane processed tube
Product Model:
• CN Series
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Male Stud

Female Stud


Male Elbow

Tee Joint

Union Straight

Union Elbow

Male Run Tee

Bulkhead Union

Union Tee
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